[argyllcms] Re: Argyll 1.6.0 - Shallow blacks on Epson 3880

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Then, the recommended solution, for users of Colormunki, Is to drowngrade
only the CM driver to 1.4 version (if it is possible) or to downgrade the
driver and the whole application to the 1.4 version?


Thank you very much and best regards!


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I tried everything and nothing - I strongly need some help.

I'm trying to calibrate & profile my Epson 3880 and I've strange problem
with shallow blacks (shallow and cold) and with details in dark shadows
(very dark ones: 0;0;0 - 24;24;24) After some investigation I've found that
all profiles I've created are a little bit strange and provide to
transformation in which input value RGB (0, 0, 0) is processed to  (5, 0,

73 on blue channel!  Nearly there is no difference printing with BPC or
without (without even is a little bit better).
I compared those results to original Epson profile for Glossy paper and
their black color is processed to output value RGB(3, 2, 4) and on printouts
looks much more better.


* Printer: Epson 3880
* Paper: Epson Premium Glossy Photo Paper
* Measurement Device: ColorMunki Photo
* Argyllcms :  1.6.0

Command lines used to create profile:
* targen -v0 -d2 -G -g128 -e8 -B8 -f2160 -c "Epson Stylus Pro 3880_3885_3890
PremiumSemiglossPhotoPaper.icc" my_profile 
* chartread -v -H my_profile
* colprof -v -qm -cmt -dpp -S "AdobeRGB1998.icc" my_profile

ti3 file:   <http://www.dane.pixel-tech.pl/temp/my_profile.ti3.txt>


Results (data):


* Test image  (AdobeRGB):

* Processed by original Epson profile (untagged RGB, raw output values to

* Processed by my profile generated using Argyll (untagged RGB, raw output
values to printer):


Visual result on printouts:


Original Epson profile: 

* printout is too warm, even grays are not neutral but details in shadows
are perfect and black color is really deep.

My profile from Argyll:

* printout is very neutral (maybe even a bit cold but not sure about this),
B&W parts are also very neutral. There is problem with details in shadows
especially visible in this place:  <http://screencast.com/t/1WASD69fvA>
http://screencast.com/t/1WASD69fvA  (on printout those areas are completely
flat). Black color is shallow if you compare it to this one from Epson

I will be appreciate for any help, suggestion etc. I tried a lot of
different parameters but main problem with black color still remains.

Thanks in advance


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