[argyllcms] Re: Argyll 1.6.0 - Shallow blacks on Epson 3880

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  • Date: Mon, 23 Sep 2013 18:26:25 +0200

Hello Graeme.

Thank you for your reply.

I thought that the USB kernel driver could affect to reading results but now
I know that it hasn't nothing to do in reading results.

I have not measured the blacks that I obtain with the papers used and my
ink, but I think that, when I measured it with previous versions, the L* was
greater than 5. That's the reason why I don't notice the problem.

Thank you for all !

Best Regards,

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Xavi wrote:


> Could be that the difference was on the installed Colormunki Driver? 
> Because the version that appears on the device manager, of my Win8 Pro 
> x64 is the
> from 01-17-2012

This isn't the instrument driver, it's the (libUSB-win32) USB kernel driver.
So it has nothing to do with the way the instrument behaves.

> I haven't tested the version 1.6 but a few days ago I tested the 1.5.1 
> version on a W8 Pro x64, with a Colormunki, and I don't see any issue 
> on my final prints. Could be that my installed CM driver belongs to an 
> outdated version.

No, it is probably an instrument difference or printer difference. For
instance if the black on your printer aren't super deep (say L* of > 5) you
may not notice the problem, since it's mainly due to some electrical
interference within the ColorMunki between the LED driver and the spectral
sensor, and a sufficiently large level of light will swamp the error.

> It is recommended to update the system CM driver on any new release or 
> it is not necessary?

There's no need to update the kernel driver for 1.6.1, although installation
on Win8 should be easier if you need to (no need to reboot in "disable
driver checking" mode), and possible to install on Win8.1.

Graeme Gill.

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