[argyllcms] Re: Argyll 1.6.0 - Shallow blacks on Epson 3880

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Reading the post:



We can find a similar answer. After contact with Graeme Gill, the owner of
the post says "there was something changed in the chartread and/or usb
drivers code that could be the reason for the issue I have observed."

I thought that was a driver issue but after your solution seems to be an
issue on chartread.exe.


Do you also tested the chartread.exe of the version 1.5.1, and it was not
compatible, or you not tested this version of chartread.exe?


Thank you very much to share your final solution.







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> "Then, the recommended solution, for users of Colormunki, Is to drowngrade
only the CM driver to 1.4 version (if it is possible) or to downgrade the
driver and the whole application to the 1.4 version?"


I've perform today some tests. It seems that source of the problem is
chartread.exe not driver.

After checking all possible combinations I finally finish with driver from
v.1.6.0 and chartread.exe from 1.4.0 - this tandem works for me.





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