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  • From: Daniel Sincell <dsince1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 29 Apr 2009 20:33:44 -0400


Dan here.  Lets not get too negative yet about things, we still have some
time and I am confident about our abilities.  I feel strongly about us
meeting at least once to actually rehearse whatever we are presenting, but
it does need to happen soon.  I agree about at least some sort of PowerPoint
display (even though it carries painful memories of lectures past...)
Regarding the table idea, the original intent was to have items mentioned in
the play that correlated to the infomercial, and while I have no problem
using the books (actually ties in nicely with the underlying intellectualism
I feel the play conveys), this is something we need to act upon if we are to
have any success in using it.

I am including my "script" for an infomercial to give you guys my idea of
how it would go.  Clearly, I am not an English or EMF major, so feel free to
critique, scrutinize, edit, whatever, its more an attempt at presenting my
idea rather than be an absolute.  Also, Rotkovitz is almost certainly going
to ask about the title and its meanings.  I found this on Wikipedia and
think it is probably the best I've found.

The name Arcadia references a memento mori (reminder of mortality) "Et in
Arcadia Ego," the most widely accepted translation being: "I, too, am in
Arcadia," spoken by Death.  Stoppard applies it to his play as a dichotomy,
death and life.  In that vein, the play is made up of multiple dichotomies:
chaos and order, past and present, truth and fiction, Classicism and
Romanticism (evidenced by the garden transformation), relationships and
isolationism (Hannah's take on romance) and probably more that I cannot

I do not have my class that usually follows Script Analysis tomorrow, so am

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