[arcadia_group] Re: The game plan- READ

  • From: Daniel Sincell <dsince1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: arcadia_group@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2009 20:00:09 -0400


Dan here.  I like how this is working out, I had been thinking along similar
lines as well; Will's "Swedish Fish" idea sparked it for me (I really like
the idea!)  Had I been in class...this week...I would have mentioned my fear
regarding a video for the infomercial idea, thinking we may have to act them
out in the interest of time.  Will's idea seemed more dynamic anyways.  If I
am following your intentions correctly - are we intending a script per
person or something more general, supporting multiple ideas?

Regarding the poster, I liked the work, Tom, it conveys the two periods
quite vividly.  Are we looking to print this poster-sized and then add
information to it or add everything digitally and print the outcome?

Finally, if I could ask that everyone share your notecard/script/findings so
we can get a group take on things.  I don't know if that adds or subtracts
from the effort.  One thing I will need is a props list (are we still using
a table?), and as with everything else, the sooner the better.

I think you guys are doing some terrific work and am looking forward to a
great presentation.  As always, let me/us know of anything that comes up.

Take it easy,


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