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  • Date: Sat, 3 May 2003 22:51:03 -0400

> > >> "Coming, Dear" replied Rohgen sarcastically. Rohgen toyed with the
> > >> bribe money in his pant pocket while he made his way over to help.
> > >
> > > "Stop!" the woman shouted after Rohgen. She put her hands on her
> > > hips and shouted. "Do you know who I am?" She looked at every one
> > > of the Redliner's still in the hangar. "Does anyone here know who I
> > > am?"
> >
> > Tina stood up from where she had been kneeling over several empty
> > containers, getting them organized for the coming scavenger hunt.
> > Wiping her hands on her pants, she said, very plainly, "The woman who
> > owns this place, I gather."
> "Not exactly," the woman replied to Tina, "but close enough. I'm the
> one that can throw you out of this compund for anything, including
> being a bunch of disorganized baffoons."
> Just then, a voice intruded. "Sal, that's no way to treat our customers."
> An older woman strolled into the hangar, followed by two, very large
> Mordred-class GRELs.
> "Ma'am," Sal explained. "I can;t make heads or tails of these people."
> She gestures toward Lyle and the other team members near him. "They
> drive in here, and start moving shit around and barking orders to start
> up the carts." She gestures at Rohgen. "The supposed leader of this
> posse then flashes a PDA at me and then turns to start following this
> slanty-eyed characters orders." He eyes turned to almost pleading.
> "How am I supposed to do my job without running ove their
> inventory requirements?"
> The older woman raised her hands. "Sal, it's early. Let's start the day
> out right, OK?" There was a brief pause, and then Sal exhaled. She
> cursed something under her breath and moved alongside her apparent
> boss, crossing her arms and clearly still annoyed. The new woman
> then turned to the group. "Welcome to the Heaps, folks. My name is
> Hanna Dominic." She smiled. "Many just call me the Trasher Queen."
> Casting her eye around the hangar at everyone. "So, who is in charge
> here, and who are you with?"

"I'm sorry, Ms Dominic" apologised Rohgen as he started into a polite
greeting ritual. "I'm in charge of this group, here. My name is Rohgen
Czeshin.  I thought this pretty young woman had already seen my wish list to
her satisfaction. I meant no disrespect. I like to try to help my team out
when I can to keep them happy and to maintain a good working vibe." Rohgen
paused uncomfortably to gauge a reaction from both the 'Queen and this "Sal"


[ooc: what is the colonels 'official' company name -- trying to confuse
matters a bit and slide past the queen whom my boss is without
confrontation, if i can help it -- here's hoping  :)
    Also, i'm not sure if there's a special way the queen likes to be
greeted -- something rohgen might know though. -- maybe a streetwise
roll?...in either case, rohgens attempting to keep polite and keep the queen
from getting angry -- she seems scary to me (maybe not to rohgen but i
personally think shes kinda scary)   :) ]

"I've just been hired onto a group and we've been on a hunt for parts as of
late. We are a new working 'team' so the ground work for our 'team'
relationship is still being worked out". Rohgens eyes unconciously gave a
quick glance at Tina, as he thought of the whole confussing working
relationship of any Gear sport team and the few shady areas of the said



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