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  • Date: Sun, 4 May 2003 20:35:43 -0600

> [ooc: what is the colonels 'official' company name -- trying to
> confuse matters a bit and slide past the queen whom my boss is
> without confrontation, if i can help it -- here's hoping  :)Also,
> i'm not sure if there's a special way the queen likes to be
> greeted -- something rohgen might know though. -- maybe a
> streetwise roll?...in either case, rohgens attempting to keep
> polite and keep the queen from getting angry -- she seems scary to
> me (maybe not to rohgen but ipersonally think shes kinda scary)  
> :) ] 

[GM: The official name for the team is Redliners. Mentioning the 
Colonel's name also works here. If you can't remember it; all that 
information in on the website. The URL is always available in the 
footer of any email sent to the mailing list.

As for the Trash Queen, she isn;t royalty if that's what you're asking. 
She's a business woman. You can just address her by the name that 
she introduced herself with. As for whether she's scary or not; I'll 
leave that to the roleplaying. ^_^ Hahaha.]

[Game Post]

>> "I'm sorry, Ms Dominic" apologised Rohgen as he started into a 
>> polite greeting ritual. "I'm in charge of this group, here. My name is 
>> Rohgen Czeshin.  I thought this pretty young woman had already 
>> seen my wish list to her satisfaction. I meant no disrespect. I like to 
>> try to help my team out when I can to keep them happy and to 
>> maintain a good working vibe." Rohgen paused uncomfortably to 
>> gauge a reaction from both the 'Queen and this "Sal" woman.  

Ms. Dominic looked Rohgen up and down. "That's fine." Looking at 
Sal, who was still clearly upset. "Apparently, this //pretty, young 
woman// wasn't satisfied, Mr Czeshin." She looked back at Rohgen. 
Who are you with?"

>> "I've just been hired onto the Redliners, and we've been on a hunt 
>> for parts as of  late. We are a new working 'team' so the ground 
>> work for our 'team'  relationship is still being worked out". Rohgens 
>> eyes  unconciously gave a quick glance at Tina, as he thought of 
>> the  whole confussing working relationship of any Gear sport team 
>> and  the few shady areas of the said heiarchy. 
> If Tina had been a normal, human woman, she probably would have 
> rolled  her eyes at Rohgen and his strange bit of theatrics.  Did he 
> honestly believe he was standing before a real queen?  Surely this 
> "Queen" must be seeing right through him.  Thankfully for all 
> involved, including the so-called Trash Queen, Tina wasn't a human 
> woman, so she simply continued to prepare herself for the hunt 
> ahead of them.

"Yes, I heard of Neil's misfortunes when his track star was killed. That 
was tragic. Ms. Zucco was a fine woman, both on and off the track. 
Very competitive, a trait I admire."


Dennis D. Kirkpatrick
Littleton, CO USA

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