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This is why it is so hard to diagnois issues like this...for the most part all 
the pertinent information is not provided....not chastizing here just stating 
the facts....

You said...."Still the thread is coming un threaded from the needle or 
breaking. Doesn't matter which needle I use."  Now you are saying the machine 
sews fine on 3 other colors. Is this one trilobal color of thread. Is it the 
same cone of thread being swapped around on all 16 needles or 16 different 
trilobal cones of threads on each of the 16 needles that was giving you 
problems?? Are the 3 other colors rilobal thread or ARC or Isacord, RA, 

Most, if not all,of the embroidery problems are solved by a process of 
elimination. But nothing can be solved except by the "luck of the draw" if all 
the information is not known.

Rod Springer
Amaya Tech & Trainer


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