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The machine must create a loop of thread so that the rotary hook can go thru it 
and tie the bobbin thread onto it. This loop can be affected by the type of 
thread, the size of the cone, how tightly the thread is wound around the cone 
and how curled it comes off of the cone. 

If the thread is coming off of this "small" tightly wound cone with a good curl 
to it, or it is coming off the spool backwards to the motion of thread coming 
off of a spool of ARC thread, for instance, then the loop that is created 
behind the needle for the rotary hoop to pick up may be curling to either the 
right or left depending on how you are holding it. Normally the thread has a 
tendency to curl to the right side of the needle and that is why we say turn 
the needle to the right 5 or 10 degrees. This will pull this loop of thread 
back more in line with the needle and give a larger presence or hole for the 
rotary hook to penetrate.

The snapping/popping sound you are probably hearing is the hook point impacting 
the thread smack dab in the center and either breaking it on contact or 
breaking some of the filaments which will fray first and then break..

To compound this little problem, the smaller the column or stitch the smaller 
this loop will be and because of that, hook timing becomes even more important 
in the scheme of things.

Rod Springer
Amaya Tech & Trainer


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