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Did you try to sew the Ampass test design. Did you try to sew the Amtrim test 

If you have the machine setting at default and the presser foot down where it 
should be, your needles properly oriented with NO burrs on them, your hook 
timing set correctly, your retaining support finger gapped properly,  your 
bobbin tension set correctly, your test material hooped taut (three pieces of 
CUT-A-WAY backing works very well)....using poly thread....not rayon....no 
thread bound up in the threadfeed gears or elsewhere and the machine WELL 
lubricated....all this and more......the Amtrim and Ampass will tell you 
whether it is a design problem or a machine problem. If it will sew these but 
not other designs.....wel-l-l-l--then we need to start looking elsewhere.

Rod Springer
Amaya Tech & Trainer


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