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Rod, I see what you're saying.  In my case, I was moving around this spool of 
thread to see if it was the thread.  So far, I believe it's the thread somehow. 
 I sewed out the same text I've been trying to sew with this new thread, but 
used my ArcPoly threads, and i haven't had the snapping of thread and clicking 
sounds, etc.  I've even stood by the machine and held the little spool upside 
down just as the other poster said she did.  That's the only way you can do it 
with this little spool, but I still had the snapping and clicking.  So I have 
to guess that it's the thread for some reason.  Still a mystery to me, but I'll 
blame it on the thread for now.  I haven't completely taken things apart yet, 
so that's next to come if I continue to have this problem.


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