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Yesterday and day before must have been a planted virus bug in all Amayas....WE 
had the same problem of none stop thread breaks!
Took me a day and a half to do 24 hats for one design, yesterday from 9 am to 5 
pm for SIX hats with a different design that we've used several times a year. 
February our Amaya (original red) was given it's yearly physical and passed all 
tests-was running fine until this week. I changed half the needles 3 times, 
tried 80/12 needles thinking the hat was too hard for 75/11 size. Found all the 
80/12 had the ends flattened. Double checked needle plate alignment, perfect 
dead center. Redid design 6 times (yup, every single hat!) and took out excess 
underlayment, decreased density .5 on everything (went from 4.5 to 5 on 
lettering, etc.) slightly moved some areas that ended up dead on the center 
very frustrating.
I saw the post from Tina about checking auto settings-cannot find it in our 
'settings' box anywhere. We have Amaya OX 7.00-is it in there somewhere?
Also noticed the 'bobbin sensing' box was unchecked...checked it, went back, 
unchecked again...had to do it a couple times before it 'stayed'. I've also 
noticed the last week or so any changes I make in Designshop for new or old 
designs is gone the next morning...even had one design I radically changed, 
sewed it out...next morning went to review-and ALL changes were gone. Opened up 
Amaya OS, and that window came up WITH the final design from the night before 
WITh all the changes! Any idea what is going on? This computer is NOT hooked to 
anything else, no printer, no ethernet link, no internet...NOTHING.
So there are no bugs or viruses.


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