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I"ve had a lot of thread breaks lately. To be exact over 25 in each 3" 
circle-solid fill. I tried the black thread, that was causing the problem, on 
other needles, changed needles, changed bobbins, worked on the tension,slowed 
speed down to 700 and increased it to the max, etc. I went thru the topics on 
the web page and tried everything I could. There was so much lint coming off 
the thread that my white material looked like an Idaho shelf after a dust 
storm. I then changed from Melco's thread to Isacord and wonder of wonders..I 
haven't had a thread break since. Melco thread works fine on everything except 
solid fills-for me. Melco told me that the black was the hardest to work with 
since it has the most dye in it and to be gentle. My question is..how can you 
be gentle with thread?
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