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A few things on this "thread"

GF - I've called John D directly when I wanted to schedule training and while 
he travels a lot and sometimes takes a few days to return the call, it seems 
that works the best.  He does the training so he knows the schedules best.  
Living 30 minutes from there allows me to run up there if I have a quick 
question about something.  Sometimes I can bring a design or a sewout to John 
and have him quickly explain what my problem is.  He's great with things like 

DanielK - I went through the same issues when I started out with my XTs having 
never done embroidery before.  I was ready to throw them out the window, but 
luckily they were too heavy to deadlift.  Numerous phone calls to Melco, 2 tech 
visits, etc. and it was always something I was doing wrong, not the machine.  
Like - presser foot height, bad hooping (most of the time), needles turned on 
wrong angle, etc.

It's kind of like when I took golf lessons a few years back.  I told the pro 
that I thought I needed new clubs.  He took my 7 iron and smacked a perfect 
shot 160 yards down the center of the fairway and then handed it back to me and 
said "it's not the clubs".  Stick with it and keep trying things.

And Roland - sometimes the machine knows you are busy and just doesn't want to 
cooperate.  Hang in there pal!


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