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last year and and the year before...and probably the year before that...the 
question was brought up about 'should I bring my Amaya to a tradeshow/open 
house/horse show/chamber of commerce event...' and the general consensus 
was...NO...because of the chance of something getting hit, bumped, nudged out 
of whack or who knows what. As YOU have found out...it happened to you! And now 
for all the 'good' it might have done for the company to have the pretty 
machine at the show...they are going to have to pay a tech a good chunk of 
'kaching' to get it back working again. Was it worth it? I'll bet by the time 
the tech gets done finetuning it, it won't be worth it!
Good luck...and next year tell them to buy another machine if they want to haul 
it around-so YOU can stay home and get some work done!


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