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Ok, so ever since we moved our machine for teh first time (Trade Show a couple 
weekends ago) My machine has been running sloopy. A lot of thread breaks, false 
bobbin breaks and the like.
This morning I gave it a complete cleaning and re-lubing. (4,000,000 maitence 
roughly 100,000 stitches early) I came back from lunch and although she is 
running smooth and quiet once again, I continue to have thread breaks about 
evry 75 stitches or so! I checked the bobbin and it was a tiny bit loose so I 
tweaked it a bit, rechecked my needle placement where I am at, and all teh 
other little things that I read on here BEFORE posting this!! I have a ton of 
work to get going on and have already been told by my employer (thru and email) 
that if I need more to do... UGH!! Im trying to work, it's not my fault this 
dumb thing is not cooperating!!

OK, now that I vented a little... any suggestions?



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