[windows2000] Re: OT: I've Had it with Outlook

  • From: "Ray at home" <listray@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <windows2000@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2004 20:30:25 -0500

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> From: Chris Berry

> You're really stretching here.  *shrug* Outlook has consistently come
> out in the top ten of security problems, that's enough for 
> me but maybe you have different priorities.  Just because it's 
> everywhere doesn't mean it's good, sendmail for example.

Okay, here we go with this again...  And why does Outlook have security
problems?  Because it's a program.  All programs have flaws, some of which
have implied security concerns.  Does sendmail have security problems?  Of
course it does.  Have they all been found?  No.  Why?  Who's going to waste
his time trying to find them?  If I'm a malicious person looking for
security holes in an application that I can exploit, I'm going to use
whatever's most popular.  You hear about Ford Explorers rolling over and all
that, right?  Does that mean that 79 International Scouts don't roll over
ever?  Sure they do, but how often do you even see one on the road?  Just
because it's not everywhere, doesn't mean it doesn't have security problems.

When you can create an operating system or a powerful e-mail program that
has no flaws, please let me know.  Then I'll install your application on
your operating system.  Until then, please rethink your security by
obscurity policy.

Ray at home

P.S.  I'm not good at analogies!  I say that at least once a day in
conversation.  I'm not sure why.  I think I used to be okay at them, but now
I suck.  So, you don't have to say that Explorers vs. Scouts is a stretch.
I already know that!  :P

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