[windows2000] Re: OT: I've Had it with Outlook

  • From: "Drew S" <drew2@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <windows2000@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2004 00:29:20 -0500

JK> I've backed up all mail and tried starting with a new PST. Twice.
JK> No luck! My PST's do get huge (225 meg and up) but my work Outlook
JK> doesn't have the problem.  I am forced at work to use it since it is
JK> on Citrix.

Which version of Outlook does your office use? Right now I'm using Outlook
2003, and have three PST files loaded into memory: 122MB, 224MB, and 156MB.

JK> If anyone from MS is out there  that wants to keep me from switching
JK> send me a Outlook 2003 disk to [<snipped by DS>]

Oh, the irony... my coworkers are all going to be in Cleveland the remainder
of the week... they are presenting some things up there, and they are also
evaluating how they like Office 2003 while they are up there... I get left
back here in Columbus, the only one left to support an entire school
district. I wonder if I have any (legit) copies of Office 2003 sitting
around... I'll have to check.


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