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sheila, Does Gretchin only have the problem at this intersection/  After 
reading your subsequent posts, it sounds like she does okay in other places. 
How does she do at the intersection when it is not windy or the combination 
of windy and hot?  I also wonder if perhaps something had happened at the 
intersection ie, perhaps there had been an earlier accident and they still 
had some safety cones in the intersection, could they have been redoing the 
crosswalk lines?
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Because of Gretch's much more reasonable behavior everywhere since the
morning and evening encounters with the scary intersection at Warnall
and Gregory on Thursday, I don't believe her issues are health related,
but I will still have her thoroughly checked out by my vet soon. Isn't
Warnall an ugly name?

Sheila Styron, President
Guide Dog Users, Inc.

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So I'll  certainly
have her checked out as thoroughly as  possible,

If its the wind that is making things worse.. maybe an ear infection?
It is
always a good idea to clear health if you get a behavior change.

Sandy Foushee
Infinite Paws-Abilities Training and Service  Dogs
Teamed with Alexandra Guide/Service Dog
Colorado Service/Assistance  Dog Club - Trainer.-

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