(VICT) Re: Serious issue with Gretch

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If she can handle a renaissance fair which my dogs have done, there is 
definitely hope. Get help if you need to and keep at it. Gretch sounds like 
a sweet dog who just looses her place every once in a while.

Dianne and Primrose
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> Thanks for the suggestion about Rescue Remedy. I have never used it and
> don't know where to purchase it. If the dog seems fine before the
> situation and fine afterwards just not during, <grin> how would you
> suggest I try using it and of course, where would I obtain some? Last
> night we went to the Renaissance fair with all sorts of distractions,
> other animals, people on stilts, lots of costumed creatures with bells
> on, jugglers throwing torches into the air, and the girl was fine. There
> were no scary streets to cross naturally.
> Sheila Styron, President
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> just a suggestion but maybe a little rescue remedy??  it helped with my
> former SD/Guide dog when he would get stressed out in public.
> Ridge and Buckley SD/Guide

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