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Here's another interesting take:


These incidents are still pretty rare, even
if you put all of the "possible cause" cases
in the "proven" column.  And putting the statistics in
perspective, one could make the argument that 
Toyota could really make their cars a lot safer 
in these recalls if they left the accelerators 
alone and just disabled the cell phone prep ;-)


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Hi Rod,

Yes, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, our tin whisker sleuths, Dr. Henning 
Leidecker, Jay Brusse and Michael Sampson are on the case.

Here's another story on Toyota
Toyotas' sudden acceleration blamed for more deaths

Including a recent surge of complaints, the defect has been raised as a 
possible cause of 102 fatalities, according to NHTSA records, lawsuits and 
police reports.

Bob Landman
H&L Instruments, LLC

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regards,   Rod


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