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 Well Steve, this problem was necessarily 'foreseeable'—with Pb-free solders we 
are learning about new failure modes nobody 'foresaw' on an ongoing basis. With 
hindsight, everything is 'foreseeable—the question is how much time and 
resources can you and can you not spend on testing when you do not even know 
what you are looking for. All of this needs to be laid at the door steps of the 
EU—forcing the industry into such a big unknown was/is unconscionable.
As I understand it, Toyota still does not understand the root cause of their 




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Thanks for spotting that one, Rod.

"Toyota's Problem Was Unforeseeable"


I wonder how much Toyota paid those apologist "experts" to issue those
pronouncements. Folks such as those don't devote attention to anything
without a paying client.

Follow The Money.


Steve Smith


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