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Hello Werner,

Let me paste in below, a short exchange between Gordon and Ray on a
separate thread but which is relevant here, as (I consider)Toyota
proceeds in a headlong rush to make a fool of themselves, trying to
hide their years-long cover-up:
I read somewhere that the fix included a half hour to reprogram the ECM.
Which certainly sounds like a software glitch.

Ray Bennett

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Thanks, Rod. After reading the article, I infer that the cause remains 
unknown. The spacer fix is based on the assumption that the problem is due 
to friction: the accelerator pedal sticks with the throttle in a 
partially-open position. A driver could deal with a stuck pedal by pulling 
it from behind with his foot hard enough to overcome the friction.

If that's not the case, and in the fault condition the throttle goes to full

open, then the real cause would seem to be electronic, not mechanical. I 
wish that the reporters were more curious and asked better questions.

Gordon Davy
Peoria, AZ 

Gordon's right;  reporters should ask more and better questions.

Toyota, I am now given to understand, has had some concatenation of
fixes involving removing a rug, adding a metal shim or spacer
somewhere, and also reprogramming an ECM? And, as you understand it (I
respect your understanding) they STILL don't know the root cause? And
yet they are *now* rushing band-aid repairs to "fix" millions of cars
in the field that have had this problem for YEARS!

Bob Landman found data that our Government and Toyota conspired to not
report a failure if both brake and accelerator were applied at the
same time, as I recall. So, for years Toyota has been pretending that
a runaway car was not a runaway if the driver was trying to stop it.
This would be funny if it was not so pathetic. People died, for years,
while Toyota pretends nothing is wrong.

If Toyota had engaged in this coverup for all these years while
desperately trying to SOLVE the problem, I could understand that, as
being "nothing personal, it's just business".

Toyota would have Lost Face if they had admitted it.

To cover it up for years and pretend it did not exist, this will
be more damaging to Toyota than the Pinto was to Ford.

Steve Smith

WE>  Well Steve, this problem was necessarily 'foreseeable'—with
WE> Pb-free solders we are learning about new failure modes nobody
WE> 'foresaw' on an ongoing basis. With hindsight, everything is
WE> 'foreseeable—the question is how much time and resources can you
WE> and can you not spend on testing when you do not even know what
WE> you are looking for. All of this needs to be laid at the door
WE> steps of the EU—forcing the industry into such a big unknown was/is 
WE> As I understand it, Toyota still does not understand the root cause of 
their problem.
WE> Werner




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WE> Thanks for spotting that one, Rod.

WE> "Toyota's Problem Was Unforeseeable"

WE> Really?

WE> I wonder how much Toyota paid those apologist "experts" to issue those
WE> pronouncements. Folks such as those don't devote attention to anything
WE> without a paying client.

WE> Follow The Money.

WE> Best

WE> Steve Smith


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