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Our 1990 Mercury Sable was nicknamed "killer" as it had a sudden accelleration 
problem when it was new.  The dealer had to install a flight recorder so we 
could trigger it when we had an unintended accelleration event.  Took over a 
month to track it down to a defective accellerator pedal sensor.  The 
replacement was also bad (Ford had a rash of them apparently).

One would think the modern ECM would have that feature built in?


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On 11 Feb 2010, at 20:51, Werner Engelmaier wrote:

> As I understand it, Toyota still does not understand the root cause of their 
> problem.

Understandable - 2243 incidents over several years with over 7 million vehicles 
and god knows how many million miles traveled? with no embedded monitor to 
figure what happened? I have worked out some weird scenarios in aerospace which 
led to equipment failure, which took a lot of analysis. What automobile has a 
flight recorder? At least there was some objective evidence. People are in 
general not good at observing dispassionately - especially when headed toward 

regards,   Rod


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