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Huh, that's not what the documentation says. It says that if a device is
licensed and has office installed, then that device is allowed to run
office from a terminal server session. Directly from the doc -

Once a device is licensed for a Desktop Application can I use that
application both locally on the device and through Terminal Services?

Yes.  A Desktop Application license gives the licensee the right to
locally install the software and also to use the same software through
Terminal Services. The licensee, however, is not required to locally
install the software and, in the case of Terminal Services, local
installation may not be technically possible or desired.

If I already have a device is license for a Desktop Application, what
additional licenses do I need to use that device as a remote client
within a Terminal Services environment?

If the device owned by the end user is already licensed for the Desktop
Application software, only the Windows Server and Terminal Services
licenses are necessary for remote Terminal Services usage of that
Desktop Application. 

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We found out the hard way (from Microsoft) that Office licensing in a TS
environment is not so simple.  MS does not offer a special licensing
program for Office.  If your MF users also have Office on their
desktops, then you will need additional licenses to use it in the TS
world.  We have
500+ metaframe users who have Office on their work desktops.  Microsoft
came back and said we need an additional license for each user if they
want to run it from metaframe.  We ended up publishing Office to only
those users/workgroups that purchased the additional licensing.  The
bulk of our users get the Office viewers when they remote in.

By the way, these are NOT concurrent licenses.  They must be per user
and limited to those users who have purchased the additional licenses.



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Can I get some people to weigh in on the following scenario? -

With a published application environment, you can restrict who gets
access to what. If you don't want someone running office on a Citrix
box, then you can prevent them from running Office on a Citrix box. So
let's say I have 5 MS office 2003 licenses. I install it and publish it
for 5 users in the farm. Am I legal within those boundaries from a
Microsoft licensing perspective? Enviroment is Win2003 TS with PS 4.0

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