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Unfortunately you can still call other applications from within other
applications many times.  For instance, say you have 5 people you wan to use
Word and a different set of 5 you want to use Excel.  you publish them out
and you think your good.  That is until you see that Joe Word user is
embedding Excel documents in their Word documents.  mmmmmm, Joe Word user
isn't supposed to be able to do that?  DOH!  Publishing applications isn't a
security measure.

You are better off locking down minimally NTFS permissions but it's better
to use something like Software Restriction Policies or 3rd party products to
actually enforce this type of thing.

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On 9/29/06, gabriel.j.byrne@xxxxxx <gabriel.j.byrne@xxxxxx> wrote:

publish it for everyone but limit the instances allowed to run to 5. that way all users have the facility of using office but you remain compliant.

also enable over the limit logging so you get an idea of how many licenses
you would require if more are needed


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