[sac-board] Re: SAC 30th Anniversary Shirts

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  • Date: Mon, 8 Jan 2007 12:46:36 -0700

Jimmy, best place for my slide rule is in the dresser drawer.  I still know how 
to use it for simple calculations requiring only a few places of accuracy.  
Otherwise it is the computer.

I can get along without pocket protector, as it leaves room for pen, glasses 
and cell phone.

Clear skies,
---- Jimmy Ray <jimmy_ray@xxxxxxx> wrote: 
> ...and if there is a pocket will it come with the 30 anniversary pocket =
> protector to go with it??? (I need something to keep my slide rule =
> in...)<--- Have one and know how to use it!
> Jimmy Ray
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> Jack, when we say polo shirt, does that include a shirt with pocket in =
> front?
> Clear skies and great sales,
> aj

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