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Sounds like we'll have a lively discussion at the board meeting. The
banquet is something else we need to discuss. =20

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Try to do some thinking in advance before the board meeting about what
we want. Decide how much money the Club wants to front or risk. We could
do a bulk run-off in assorted sizes like we usually do or: the easiest
way is to take orders with order forms. This will identify who is
interested in purchasing a shirt. Payment would be on pickup and any
no-shows could be sold off to others. Also people could email me their
orders up to a deadline.

We have the choice of t-shirts or polo shirts or both. Also long
sleeves, or sweaters, or whatever is suggested at the board meeting. The
choices would be put on the order form and this is what would make it
easy to do a run. Polo shirts would have pockets and logo on the pocket
or above the pocket. T-shirts would have a pocket with logo on front and
design tbd on the back. It could be just a large logo with the slogan 30
years of observing in Arizona. Sweaters could have large or small logo
with slogan on front. Think about a design.=20
Establish a timetable, I don't know when the banquet is, it's not on the
Events page yet. If people are to buy tickets for a banquet they could
specify their choice of shirt then, but that hasn't been established yet
either. See you at the board meeting.

Jack Jones
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