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  • Date: Thu, 01 Feb 2007 03:03:38 -0700

You can start here:
Here's the scoop on the portrait:
This is evidently from a photograph by Owen Gingerich, the astronomy 
The portrait is also reproduced in "The Messier Album" by Evred Kreimer 
and John Mallas (both Phoenix amateurs; Kreimer is still living; Mallas 
died some years ago, rather prematurely.)
And in "Messier's Nebula and Star Clusters," by Kenneth Glyn Jones.
There is also a less flattering portrait of Messier in old age in "Deep 
Sky Companions -- The Messier Objects," By Stephen James O'Meara.
O'Meara also has a line drawing of Messier observing with a mural (wall 
mounted) transit instrument, but with his back turned.....
Gene Lucas

Paul Dickson wrote:

>On Wed, 31 Jan 2007 08:06:54 -0500, rtejera@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>>Personally I was thinking along the same lines as Gene, something with
>>Mssr Messier's image. Not being blessed with any artistic ability, I'll
>>let better talents than me come with ideas.
>In that regard, does anyone have have a public domain image of Charles
>       -Paul

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