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...and if there is a pocket will it come with the 30 anniversary pocket =
protector to go with it??? (I need something to keep my slide rule =
in...)<--- Have one and know how to use it!

Jimmy Ray

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Jack, when we say polo shirt, does that include a shirt with pocket in =

Clear skies and great sales,
---- Jack Jones <Telescoper@xxxxxxx> wrote:=20
> OK, fine, I have pretty much a direction now. :-) We'll go with order =
> and my email address for orders. We don't need any front money in that =
> and will just be billed. We will go with polo shirts and T's. The =
order form=20
> will ask color and size and whether longsleeve. Colors will be limited =
to what=20
> will print properly with the color of the screens we make. It's too =
> to add extra screens for an odd color. We'll use the logo with the =
> "Thirty Years of Observing in Arizona" if that's OK. I'll have the =
> nailed down in a week or two. We can offer close to cost since it's =
> within the Club. I need to know when approx this is all going to be =
needed so=20
> I can set a deadline for ordering.
> Jack

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