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I did some checking through old Meeting minutes and the expenditure for =
the projector was approved by Thad's Board & the membership in Jan. =
2005. I found no mention in the minutes of when it was actually =
purchased, But had to have been in 2005 as the January 2006 board =
meeting minutes have a mention of authorizing the purchase of the spare =
bulb. Suppose we could check the freelists archives, but I think that's =
beating a dead horse.

I also checked on BenQ's website to see if they have a list of =
Authorized repair facilities but could find none, so a local search =
seems to be in order.

Also remember per the Constitution, Article VII;A;4, the board has the =
authority to authorize emergency expenditures up to $500.00 without =
prior approval of the membership. Prudence would be to ensure we get an =
estimate for repairs before committing to the work being done. I know =
you know that, but it should be out there to make this provision doesn't =
get accidentally overlooked.

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I agree with this and encourage getting it fixed locally.  I know of =
another shop that fixes cameras and checked out my slide projector.  =
They're in Chandler, just east of I-10 off Chandler Blvd.  I can ask if =
they'll do it, too as a backup.

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> > > I'm assuming it has been less than a year???
> >=20
> > It was purchased in 2006.
> If the projector being more than one year beyond the purchase date =
puts it out of warranty,  then perhaps we could get it serviced locally =
rather than return it to BenQ.  Phoenix is a large enough city to have =
somebody do a repair that may be no more than replacing a fan.  It needs =
to be completed by February 22.
> I don't know anything about them, but as an example here's a place on =
McDowell and 48th St. that does projector repair.
> http://www.compuworldaz.com/services.html
> Tom

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