[sac-board] Re: BENQ Projector Problem

  • From: Tom Polakis <tpolakis@xxxxxxx>
  • To: sac-board@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2008 16:56:36 -0500

---- Jack Jones <Telescoper@xxxxxxx> wrote: 
> Was it that long? I won't bother to fax it to them then if it's over a year. 
> Can you check that date? Then we'll have to pay for them to repair it. It 
> seems awfully intermittent and we might possibly be able to live with it 
> also...

It cut out during the November meeting, and twice during the January meeting.  
The least that our visiting speakers should expect is working A/V equipment, so 
I don't think that living with it is an option.  I feel personally responsible 
for the problem, as I failed to act on it when I was VP last year.  Jack, if 
you can get the projector to me, I'll do the legwork to find a local place that 
will repair it.

The projector is one of SAC's most important pieces of property.  The club 
should be willing to spent a couple hundred dollars to keep it operating, if 
that's what it costs.


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