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I've already asked her. She's been real busy so it hasn't been a
priority, I'll remind her.=20

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SAC bought the projector mid-Feb 2005--Andrew Goodwin was kind of the
"middle man" as he found a deal on the BEN-Q through his work or
The projector came with a 36month parts & labor warranty which I'm
almost positive Andrew gave to the treasurer(Al Stewing?) along with the
receipts, etc. for reimbursement.  So it's key to find the paperwork now
as 36 months is up next month.

Dick Harshaw had mentioned something about clearing some vent or
something of dust, did we try that yet?

Also, there was a mention that the GC rooms are gearing up for
projectors in each room.  Does anybody happen to know when that will
happen and if SAC is permitted to use it.  Rick T.: Can you ask Susan?

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I agree with this and encourage getting it fixed locally.  I know of
shop that fixes cameras and checked out my slide projector.  They're in=20
Chandler, just east of I-10 off Chandler Blvd.  I can ask if they'll do
too as a backup.

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> > On Tue, 22 Jan 2008 12:40:43 -0700, Jack Jones wrote:
> >
> > > I'm assuming it has been less than a year???
> >
> > It was purchased in 2006.
> If the projector being more than one year beyond the purchase date
puts it=20
> out of warranty,  then perhaps we could get it serviced locally rather

> than return it to BenQ.  Phoenix is a large enough city to have
> do a repair that may be no more than replacing a fan.  It needs to be=20
> completed by February 22.
> I don't know anything about them, but as an example here's a place on=20
> McDowell and 48th St. that does projector repair.
> http://www.compuworldaz.com/services.html
> Tom

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