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  • From: Simon Osborne <outspaced@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2011 21:24:32 +0100

On 14/06/2011 21:14, Jonathan Blake wrote:
On Tue, Jun 14, 2011 at 1:07 PM, Simon Osborne<outspaced@xxxxxxxxxxxx>  wrote:

As David says, it would seem very odd for a Magnakai Mentora to get +5 but
it revert to only +3 on attaining Grand Master all the way up to Kai Supreme
Master. The Mentora +2 bonus is clearly in addition to the +3 from normal
Weaponmastery with Bow, so this +2 cumulative bonus remains for Grand
Masters who have completed the Magnakai series, surely?

That's a possibility. The way the footnote is currently worded and
placed seems to imply that those who complete the Magnakai series
would only benefit from +2 Mentora bonus. There's also the possibility
that they could benefit from the full +5 of Weaponmastery + Mentora
bonus. Do we have a reason to rule this out?

Well, despite fluctuating a little bit, the Bow bonus for Grand Weaponmastery does seem to usually be +3. The sections where you use a Bow tell you to add 3/4/5 if you possess Grand Weaponmastery with Bow--this is a reminder of the bonus stated in the rules (which says +3 when using a Bow) rather than a cumulative bonus (+3 for the Discipline, +3 from the numbered section).

Of course, if we feel it appropriate, we could change all statements in the GM and NO series to say +5 instead of +3. But the widespread use of +3 seems to indicate that it was Joe's intention. So the Mentora bonus of +2 is on top of +3 (or, in rare circumstances, +4 or +5, per the numbered section text), not on top of +5.

(I'm also a bit late to this...only got these E-mails 20 minutes ago, so I'm responding to about 3 at once. So apologies if I come across a bit confused!)

Simon Osborne
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