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How did you do this? was just wondering. I don't have the money to get flash
or anything like that. I use and c#...

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Does your server run PHP?
I've done something similar at , however,
I've used both Flash and PHP separately. 
For instance, for the online player, I'm using the Wimpy Player, which isn't
mine, but a Flash mp3 streaming utility that uses PHP to run.
For the default player streaming, I'm using a standard m3u playlist. The url
for each of the audio files within the m3u playlist point to a particular
PHP file, which then redirects the header to the proper audio file. 
When someone tries to open the url manually though, it gives an error
Hope this helps,

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I have to stream mp3 files from an 2.0 website. I am trying to
figure out how you can let any visiter to the site play them but not
download them. Most of the examples out there show how in flash, but is
there another way?

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