[programming] Re: 1st Page 2000

  • From: Joshua Brannon <jbrannon@xxxxxxx>
  • To: "programming@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" <programming@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 8 Jun 2001 7:11:19 -0600

>Sounds fairly good, maybe you can post a download link for others that may
>be interested....

Oops... I knew I forgot something <g>!

*Note the misspelling of 'ever'*

>Actually I do have on the back burner a delphi project where I am building
>my own editor...  I wanted this to be both available in windows 3.1 as well
>as win9x so I am still working on the 16-bit version....  Someday when I get
>back to the program maybe I will actually complete it.  I have a lot
>accomplished with it just other things came up so it was parked on hold for
>a while <g>  What I have now is actually better than some notepad
>replacements for windows 3.1 in that it has more functionality and uses less
>resources, I remember one notepad replacement, don't recall which one, took
>my system resources down to 36% available and what I have now is definately
>better and I only notice a 2% drop which is returned on closing, the other
>one I mentioned did not free all resources.
Sounds great! Let us know when it's completed, or maybe if you need some beta 

>I tried 1st Page 2000 about a year ago; it's very comprehensive (more
>than I'd ever need), but I had some reservations. I actually found it
>too complex, and it requires, IIRC, IE4 or 5 to be installed. It's
>definitely a poweruser's program.

Actually, it's IE3.02.

>Dreamweaver 1 was given away on a cover CD in the UK about 18 months
>ago. It's a positive pleasure to use. If anyone's interested, I can zip
>the installation and upload it over the weekend - it'll be about a 6Mb
>download. 32-bit only, though, and needs something like a P100/32Mb to
>work well.

You people get all the good stuff! I'm definitely interested, but after 
downloading 1st Page, I'm going to have to wait 
awhile before I can download something big. :(  If you could split it up to 
floppy-disk size, that would be great, because 
my public library has internet AND lets you use their floppy drives.


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