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  • From: "Shawn K. Hall" <shawn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2001 18:06:48 -0700

Hi Amber & Jeff,

> Excuse me, my husband has subscribed to this...
> Is it possible to view the list at their
> website instead of having them sent directly
> to us?

You can go to http://www.freelist.org and click "freelists web
login", then enter only your email address in the box and click
"login". An email will be sent to you that enables you to login
correctly. You can setup your account to "vacation" mode which means
your hubby will not receive any email to that address and can read
the "archives" here:

> Do you do any programming with Delphi 5?

I'm sure there's some on the list that do. I have it but haven't had
a chance to install it in the year or so since I bought it. <sigh>


Shawn K. Hall

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