[programming] Re: 1st Page 2000

  • From: "Ross Nelson" <coutcin@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: programming@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 08 Jun 2001 07:23:41 -0500

>  > to be honest there are some features I would like built in
>  > as well, I just think FP or NC or too bloated and programs like Dream
>  > Weaver, I hear good things about, unfortunately its a little too
>  > pricy for
>  > me right now
>Dreamweaver 1 was given away on a cover CD in the UK about 18 months
>ago. It's a positive pleasure to use. If anyone's interested, I can zip
>the installation and upload it over the weekend - it'll be about a 6Mb
>download. 32-bit only, though, and needs something like a P100/32Mb to
>work well.

Oooh.  I'll take it.  I'd just have someone get version 4 for me, but this 
is actually legal.  :)  I am doing a web site for the local Optimist Club, 
and I mentioned Dream Weaver when we were listing HTML authorers.  The guy 
we were meeting asked if I had ever used DW, and said it was hard.  I'm up 
to a challenge today.  :)  (or next month, depending on when it's 
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