RE: SQLPLUS training, why?

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What is considered "mastery"?

I think I learn something new fairly regularly using sqlplus :)

Heck, I think I "re-learn" something I've forgotten pretty often as well.  I'm 
glad there's Google or Bing or Metalink or any number of other sites that I can 
quickly look up syntax when I need it.

I'm pretty good with sql but I am still often amazed how powerful it is and how 
little I really "know".

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    My first question on this would be something like "Why don't they already 
have a mastery of SQL*Plus and SQL?".  I'd think that that would be a pre-req 
for being able to work as a DBA in the first place.  But assuming that they 
don't have that mastery then the more you know about what your managing and 
using, the better you are at it.

Dick Goulet
Senior Oracle DBA

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Subject: SQLPLUS training, why?
Hi list,

I have been asked to give a sqlplus training to some junior and junior+ DBA's, 
since Im expecting the first question to be:

"I know how to run most common DML/DDL/etc commands so, why do I need to take a 
sqlplus training to format output or generate reports when there is a lot of 
tools which can help me to access database w/o using manual input?"

and I have thought some answers like:

1. Im sure nobody is exploding all features available in SQLPLUS.
2. What would you do if you have to work in a company which is not able to pay 
for nice tools?
3. Knowledge on SQLPLUS would help you to get a better understanding of oracle 

and so on..

but I would like to hear some feedback from you guys, why a sqlplus training is 


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