Re: SQLPLUS training, why?

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  • Date: Thu, 23 Dec 2010 10:07:36 +0100


U*nix guys don't ask why to use shell.

sqlplus is not only a command line interface but also "glue" for programming 
scripts and concatenating steps. you can bring in interactivity and error 
handling, etc. It is like shell programming. Most of the "script"-features are 
not available in GUI tools. And like others already mentioned, you can use it 
wherever you go. As a freelancer you cannot count on tools - just SQL*plus. 
Take a look at Tanel Poders script library ... at all his snapper-tool. 
Probably you can convince them with its outstanding way how he programmer it.

Merry Christmas 


Am 23.12.2010 um 04:09 schrieb "Aragon, Gabriel (GE, Corporate, consultant)" 

> Hi list,
> I have been asked to give a sqlplus training to some junior and junior+ 
> DBA's, since Im expecting the first question to be:
> "I know how to run most common DML/DDL/etc commands so, why do I need to take 
> a sqlplus training to format output or generate reports when there is a lot 
> of tools which can help me to access database w/o using manual input?"
> and I have thought some answers like:
> 1. Im sure nobody is exploding all features available in SQLPLUS.
> 2. What would you do if you have to work in a company which is not able to 
> pay for nice tool
> 3. Knowledge on SQLPLUS would help you to get a better understanding of 
> oracle database.
> and so on..
> but I would like to hear some feedback from you guys, why a sqlplus training 
> is important?
> Gabriel

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