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> Piracy is Good?
> The New Laws of Television
> by Mark Pesce
> http://www.mindjack.com/feature/newlaws052105.html

Very interesting article.

I don't know if it was an example of "hyperdistribution,"
but I received the first episode of the Fox show House in
the mail, as a DVD, a couple or three weeks before last
season started. And I did watch it. And I watched the
other episodes during the season.

As the article states, the DVD or Bit Torrent version of
this can happen right now.

Originally, he says, the DVDs can be sold inside
newspapers or magazines. The advertizing would be in the
paper or magazine, or in the direct mailing of the DVD,
not in the TV show in the DVD. That seems logical.

But then after the brief perdiod of DVD
hyperdistribution would come the Internet
hyperdistribution, using for example Bit Torrent. He says
that this is inevitable, as the shows will soon find
their way to the Internet.

So, Internet distribution, and no need for a walled
garden. So at this point, how does the producer make
money? According to the article, he makes
money because the *fans* of the show will buy the DVD
boxed set, will encourage others to do the same, and
ultimately that's how the producer will make money.

Could be. The question remains, would the boxed set of
a series sell as well *if* the Bit Torrent version of
the series were also available, allowing people to
assemble their own DVD-R version? I'm sure that the
boxed set sales will depend in large measure on how well
the software for DVD-R recordings from BT is written.

I think that in this worst case scenario (for
broadcasters), broadcast TV would still have a place. At
very least, in the distribution of real time events.
News, weather, sports, and real-time reality shows. And
who knows what other innovative programming that
requires real-time mass distribution.

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