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  • Date: Sun, 7 Sep 2014 23:58:06 +0000

Craig Birkmaier wrote:

> Playing devil's advocate...
> BS/Hz is not the issue.
> Consumer behavior and access to desired services is the real issue.
> A broadcast standard that few people are using, a standard that leaves
> vast swaths of spectrum (white spaces) unused to protect the channels
> that are used is not efficient by any measure. The fact that it is
> virtually useless for mobile screens is completely OUT OF SYNC with
> modern realities.

Yes, I can agree with this. So, the real truth is that any LTE 
multicast/broadcast future doesn't need to offer higher spectral efficiency. 
Instead, anything sent in multicast/broadcast mode only needs to be used for 
content that really must be consumed in real time - live events such as games - 
and the bulk of TV programming is instead best sent VOD. And for VOD, you need 
a two-way RF medium.

> And most important, there is good reason to believe that using the 600
> MHz spectrum for LTE Broadcast WILL free up bandwidth that is currently
> being used for unicast video streams.

Perhaps, during very restricted times. I think this would only apply during 
sporting events. Not a huge deal for the vast majority of time.

> It is well worth noting that broadcasters COULD have owned this
> market, but chose an inappropriate transmission standard, and appear
> ready to repeat this mistake with ATSC 2.

Doubtful. For broadcasters to use LTE as required, first of all they would have 
had to convince the tablet and smartphone vendors to tune into those frequency 
channels. But these hardware vendors are in the pockets of the WISPs (and/or, 
like Apple, are much happier making users pregnant with their own content 
stores). So it seems unlikely.

Secondly, for broadcasters to deploy a reasonably cost-effective LTE 
infrastructure, while still optimized for mobile, they will have considerably 
less usable spectrum than the have now. Which means, they would have to rely on 
VOD over the 2-way Internet, or more entirely rely on MVPDs, to get the rest of 
their content out. (Probably not a big deal for MVPD addicts, but the younger 
generation isn't buying into this model quite so readily.)

It would be a different ball game for broadcasters. You make it sound like it 
was as easy as falling off a log.


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