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  • Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2014 01:48:07 +0000

I feel that I have to carry this out to what I always assume is the obvious 
conclusion, but evidently not.

I had written: "That's the difference, with broadcasters using their own LTE 
for purely multicast/broadcast, as I think you're postulating. If broadcasters 
were to convert their spectrum to LTE, and presumably use it only for broadcast 
(because broadcasters are not wireless ISPs), they would (a) be really hard 
pressed to equal the amount of program-carrying capacity they have now using 
8T-VSB, and (b) they would not be able to efficiently use this spectrum for VOD 
distribution, or other 2-way services, unless they become ISPs in their own 

So, here is what broadcasters would be left with:

With LTE, and using just for broadcast, they would need a variably dense mesh 
of transmitters. Very, very dense to match the program carrying capacity they 
have now. Or less dense, and have considerably less capacity.

And for this, what do they gain? Would they have access to smartphones and 
tablets? Why would they? Just as these devices are controlled by the wireless 
ISPs now, as to what features they permit, same goes with any purported 
broadcasters' LTE bands. What's in it for the wireless telcos?

And to make matters worse, those mobile devices that really might use live 
broadcast from LTE only need it for a teeny, tiny fraction viewing time. Only 
for certain special occasions.

So you're left with a lose-lose proposition. People still using OTA TV will get 
a big reduction in choice, the broadcasters will not get any appreciable 
audience because the mobile devices still won't have access to those 
frequencies, AND on demand material that mobile devices mostly want won't come 
from the broadcasters anyway.


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