[opendtv] I don't mean to be rotten but economics has done it in for US DTV and the schoolboy bullies on this reflector...

  • From: Dermot Nolan <dermot@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2006 18:58:59 +0100 (CET)

Hi boys, girls and lurkers (myself mostly nowadays....)

I don't mean to be rotten BUT I don't have a problem here.The debate on opendtv 
about ATSC/8VSB/COFDM etc is largely sterile and conducted by the same few 
protagonists with the same predictable vituperative exchanges (JW, BM, BM etc 
increasingly nasty, immature and silly to each other). And it is so 
f*************ing boring. 

ATSC has lost commercially, strategically and technically. Nobody is interested 
in buying ATSC STBs in the US, outside the US (pace Canada, Mexico which are 
border states to the US), the business model has failed, and we will probably 
see NTSC carry on for many a long day. Elsewhere the plethora of COFDM systems 
(DVB-T, ISDB-T, T-DMB, DAB-IP. DVB-H, MediaFLO (carrying on the US tradition of 
pioneering OFDM), etc are doing very nicely...

It is clear, in spades, apart from to the usual Don Quixote windmill tilters on 
opendtv that ATSC/8VSB/the current US DTV business model is now the perfect 
trainwreck. And so completely over commercially.

The real issues for a viable OTA DTV service are:

a) Compelling content
b) Systems which work out of the box rather than engineering trainsets which 
might or might not work in the indeterminate future
c) Business models with consumer appeal. These tend to be free.
d) Comprehensive differentiation from cable + DBS through unique leverage of 
OTA distribution. That means no rotors, portable, mobile etc...

Outside the US this has been achieved in spades in many countries. The evidence 
is overwhelming and the common component is, quite naturally, xOFDM.  Of course 
there are some who will never learn until the NTSC customer is cutoff in his 

Kind Regards and compliments of the season,

Dermot Nolan

the dn watching H264 HDTV DVB-T on his laptop for $100 with 28dB SNR in a 
heavily multipathed area...

Dermot Nolan 
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