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Right on Cliff!

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Mark Schubin wrote:
  I suggest that those commenting on this process who haven't done so go
visit a real broadcast TV station and watch what they do -- and with what
equipment.  Then you may continue to comment but with perhaps a somewhat
greater understanding

I've worked as an engineer in commercial TV since 1965. I understand why lip
sync in digital TV is a problem but I don't care.
I just expect it to work right like all the other consumers.

What I've seen happen is a continual degrading of the industry since before
the beginning of the digital transition.

This is the result of deregulation caused by industry wide lobbying of the
FCC leading to its almost complete loss of regulatory
control of broadcasting. An earlier comment in this thread makes me think
the FCC is not even acknowledging the problem.

When I wrote the original lip sync email *10 years ago* I thought then
surely the problem would be resolved. When I wrote the follow up two weeks
ago it was to call attention to the fact that *10 years has passed* and the
problem is still growing, not getting better.

The point that really matters here is not about understanding why lip sync
is difficult to achieve but that the consumers don't care or want to
understand the why of it. All the technical explanations in the world about
'why' are irrelevant to consumers.

They have the reasonable expectation that with the new pristine images the
sound will be perfect too.

Consumers [the ultimate customer] don't give a damn about why it doesn't
work except that it does not work.

There is just no excuse for the FCC or the equipment manufacturers not to
have solved whatever the technical issues are by this point in time. They've
had at least 10 years to fix it.

Cliff Benham

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