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To be fair, the ATSC standard was conceived largely to replicate the practices used for legacy analog broadcast systems. The standard does not support a variety of capabilities that are better handled in an "intelligent receiver." In the long run, this fact alone may be the downfall of broadcasting, as significantly enhanced capabilities become commonplace with new digital media appliances that pull content from the Internet.


You've been on that same theme for over a decade. Ten years ago you were saying that we needed intelligent receivers that could have their codecs updated via firmware, that the receiver should be able to add graphics and station bugs, and the receivers should be able to cache micro-targeted ads for insertion at the STB.

However, broadcasting is a mass medium, and you cannot just go around killing people's receivers just because it no longer supported the most current "update." The receivers need to be as simple as possible, and the broadcast stream has to at least remain backwards compatible with the very first Zenith Blue Rack.

Whatever "intelligent receiver" that would have been designed in 1999 would be woefully obsolete today, and broadcasters can't afford to alienate viewers by making their old receivers go dark simply because those old receivers no longer have the graphics horsepower or cache memory required to run the latest version of the "ATSC OS."

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