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Dumb question: are/were there any MPEG-2 HW encoders that could gobble 720p60 
and emit 480p60?  Could you do it today in SW?  Or has this all now become 
irrelevant entirely?


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We looked into downconverting HD to 480p and couldn't find the equipment to 
do it with, nor the SDI infrastructure to carry it.  The best anyone could 
do was to transport it within the plant as HD-SDI 720p, with the 480p 
material in the upper left corner of the active video area.

This may be why Fox dropped 480p as an emission format early on in the 

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> Now it is time for the really important NEXT STEP.
> Deinterlace all of these old shows and transmit as 480P.
> 640 x 480 for 4:3 source
> 853 x 480 for 16:9 source

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