[lit-ideas] Re: Why are the greatest composers all German?

  • From: Chris Bruce <bruce@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2006 04:35:08 +0200

On 9. Jun 2006, at 23:59, Carol Kirschenbaum wrote:

Ramstein (sp?)


I find myself unwilling to comment on the CD 'Mein Herz brennt': a song cycle based on the works of Rammstein, composed by Torsten Rasch and performed by the Dresden Symphony Orchestra led by John Carewe with narrator Katharina Thalbach and the highly acclaimed bass Rene Pape (which won the 2004 Echo Classical Award for best world premiere recording).

So I will merely recommend it. And offer to translate any of the lyrics posted to the list (the CD booklet provides no English translations).

Chris Bruce
Kiel, Germany

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