[lit-ideas] Re: Is it just me? (Ain't we got fun)

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I'm starting to understand why my brother moved to NY and loves it.   Me?  
Take me to a dry warm climate please!  (I've conjectured for  years that the 
males who love the cold/ice/snow/jumping in freezing waters are  primarily 
operating an a hormone-induced macho-complex; man against  nature.)
Julie Krueger

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>>It's about -7 C here today. Nice and  crisp.

I start to have fun when it gets below 12 F with a string wind.  Nothing 
like hiking along a mountain ridge in that weather, the numb face,  
frosty breath condensing to ice on one's hood, the cold leaking through  
one's boots. Some genetic switch gets tripped in me, and the mind  
becomes clearer and the metabolism goes into overdrive. Absolutely love  it!

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