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James Joyce said something to the effect of that a work takes on a life of its 
own.  Maybe that's what you mean?

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Thank you, Lawrence, for that post.  From my perspective a writer's personal 
life has nothing to do with his writings.  No more so than any of the equipment 
I fix everyday has anything to do with my personal life.  I learned how to do 
what I do through my personal life, of course, and maybe some bits of intuition 
help from time to time -- mechanical intuition, I've often found, is strongest 
in those more mechanically trained than I am.  But the point is that if the 
best AC man in the city kills himself tonight, it has no reflection on his work 
-- why then that of an artist?  An artist is no different than a mechanic.  An 
artist's work is his work, it's not him.  Artists work in paints or stone or 
words or body movements or sound.  AC artists work in metal wear.The 
inclination to identify an artist with her work is bullshit.  Artists are all 
merchants, don't forget that.  Just like preachers.   Only Academics are pure 
souls.  And Marines, of course.

Mike Geary
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